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Original Antique Prints

Many original antique prints are in collections of famous museums, public libraries and university libraries. 

For example, The Birds of America by James Audubon is a very valuable collection of prints and an original set of prints is in the New York City Public Library. A complete set of rare Greek vase prints of Collection of Etruscan, Greek and Roman Antiquities from the Cabinet of the Honorable William Hamilton by Pierre-Francois Hancerville completed in 1776 is in the British Museum. The Princeton University Library has a collection of pochoir prints featuring Gazette Du Bon Ton, Falbalas et Fanfreluches and other prints by art deco artists including George Barbier, Charles Martin, Andre Marty, etc. Vitruvius Britannicus is a series of architectural prints of the historic buildings of Great   Britain by Colin Campbell completed in 1725. Original prints are held by both museums and university libraries. There are many more examples of rare and original prints in both private and public collections.