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INTERIOR DESIGN Home Decorating and Office Decorating with Antique Prints

INTERIOR DESIGN Home Decorating and Office Decorating with Antique Prints

INTERIOR DESIGN Home Decorating and Office Decorating with Antique PrintsINTERIOR DESIGN Home Decorating and Office Decorating with Antique PrintsINTERIOR DESIGN Home Decorating and Office Decorating with Antique Prints

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Experience  the enjoyment of owning original antique prints

For interior design, home decorating and office decorating  there is a wide variety of prints to choose, from botanical to architectural to marine and many other subjects. In addition, antique prints are suitable for any style home or office and with matting and frames can be used to decorate any room according to your own personal style.  Original antique prints also have market value and are not reproduction prints. Our prints are featured in the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Product Directory.

Antique prints can viewed and be purchased at Fortuna  Rare Books and Antique Prints

Home and Office Interior Design Decorating Hints

Home Decorating Ideas


 What kind of home do you have?  Plan your wall decor and home decorating around the style of your home.

Office Decorating Ideas


 A business office wall decor presents an opportunity to create a pleasant and interesting workplace environment for both employees and clients.  

Frame and Mat Basics


 For wall decor do you know the proper way to choose a mat and frame for eye appeal? 

antique print choices for home and office wall decor

Botanical Prints

Botanical Prints

 Flower antique prints have always been popular in home decorating for wall decor and there is a wide selection to choose from in all price ranges. 

Victorian Prints

Victorian Prints

 A perfect choice for Victorian home decorating or any home wall decor are original fashion antique prints. 

Art Deco and Pochoir Prints

Art Deco and Pochoir Prints

 The pochoir color stencil process creates brilliant and bold colors in printmaking. 

Marine Prints

Marine Prints

 Marine prints include antique naval prints, sea shells and fishes.   

Dog, Cat & Horse Prints

Dog, Cat and Horse Prints

 Do you like animals or pets?  See original dog, cat and horse antique prints for wall decor.

Natural History Prints

Natural History Prints

 Birds, mammals, fish and reptiles are most common types of natural history antique prints. 

Architecture, Scenery Prints

Architectural and Scenery Prints

 Architecture renderings include antique prints created in the late 1700's and feature designs of famous public buildings, institutions and private homes. Famous scenery includes prints of Paris, estates and castles in Great Britain, Ireland plus scenes of the American west.

Ancient Greek & Roman Prints


 Popular antique prints works on paper include original Greek vase prints, sculpture prints, building/artifact prints and Roman scenery prints from the 1800's .

Performing Art Prints

Performing Art Prints

 See famous dance, theatre, opera and music antique prints selections for home decorating or office decorating.

Sporting Prints


 Various sports have been illustrated in antique prints including golf, fishing and horse racing.  


Antique Map

 Historical maps are popular with collectors who often have geographic preferences. 

Special Collection of Greek Vases


We have a special collection of museum quality Greek replica vases  for home and office  decorating available for sale.


See Art Deco and fashion antique prints from the Downton Abbey Era

...more interior design and decorating hints

Antique Print Terminology


 Understand the various types of antique prints. 

Original Print vs. Reproduction Print


 Know the differences between an original antique prints and reproduction prints. 

Antique Print Care


 Learn how to care for antique prints. 

Redo the Look of a Room


 Change your antique prints to create a whole new look for any room.

Own Original Museum Antique Prints


 Many original antique prints are in collections of famous museums, public libraries and university libraries. 

Collectible Value


Original antique prints have intrinsic value.